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mar 21.22

.yay!. rainy days, kpop, endl gc, mullet on idols

.boo!. insects & spiders, studying, exercising..

.dni. follow basic dni criteria, anti my ults (unless there is a valid reason), stan people like woojin & seungri, don't hold your faves accountable, thinks "kpop over morals" etc..

.byf. im a minor, boygroup stan (but i also listen to ggs), often make nsfw jokes, i can be annoying and i use sarcasm a lot

.note. i do not condone the problematic behaviour of my favs and hold them accountable. also pls lmk if i ever offend anyone!

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@sameul: You have Bug. Chest😍

love zone

cix, tbz, p1h, ateez, nct, victon, bts, tempest, txt, epex, ox, woodz, e'last, lumi, dean, xdinary heroes


the rose, oneus, kingdom, dpr, lucy, jwiiver, dvwn, wei, just b, enha etc..